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Hit Track Recording Studios

Project Details
Tom Parham has launched Hit Track Studio’s a world-class recording and mastering facility located in the heart of Las Vegas. I have assembled my dream studio using all my favorite gear used on my favorite records and that many of my industry heroes faithfully use. Hit Track’s sound is what this city needed, Now the rest of the world can feel at home recording in Las Vegas.
  • NAME : Music
  • COMPANY : Hit Track Recording Studios
  • CATEGORY : Music, Web Design .
  • BUDGET : N/A
  • Work Duration : 2 Months

Hit Track Studio’s has been a long time coming after Parham has consulted for other companies and then focusing in on his successful duplication and pro audio business Vegas Disc that provides everything bands need equipment, CDs, DVDs, Merch, Distribution and now with Hit Track top tier recording, mastering and record label. With over 25 years experience in the music business Parham has worked with a wide range of well-known and indie artists including Sublime, Ice-T, 187, Big B, Nick Carter, bydeathsdesign, Psychic Radio, Cheva, OPM, TQ, Mo Wiley, Slick, Rock Kills Kid, Mar, Rust Epique and many more>>>.

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